05.19.2016, my sister passed from lupus. It was the hardest thing i've ever endured, easily.  Over time, I learned that I was starting to like more visually appealing, artsy, and creative things. Then I started thinking...this must be her living through me. She was the artsy one, the person who drew everything, sang, dance, etc etc. She loved to create and she had so many ideas...This is one that i'm carrying for her. My other half, my sibling, the person who named me, and the light to my life honestly. This is for you, Lex.

Above the ashes is not just a clothing brand nor is it a name that I pulled out of no where. When my sister passed, she was cremated to ashes. Her ashes are still alive and well and those ashes will blow over the grounds of the earth until the earth is no more. Above the ashes, however, you are great in everything YOU do. You CAN. You WILL, and you ARE. Never limit yourself at all. There are many realms in our mind waiting to be unlocked...so find your key.


Believing in yourself comes first before anything. You are a rose. A flower that holds it's beauty no matter what. Whether you twist, turn, freeze or burn a rose, you can still make art from it. 

From the fire that burns within',

the ashes fall, but you won't.